Tree Care Information 

Trees have been a part of our world for longer than we could remember. They have provided us with a lot of things that we use to aid our living and most important fresh air that we could breathe. That is why more and more people is all about protecting trees and making sure that we don’t inadvertently let some tree species go extinct.  

Tree Care

Trees take a very long time to grow and cutting them down without replacing them will probably make us end up with tree seedlings all over the world. With that thought it makes tree care Cincinnati an important part of us. Technically trees do not need our help to grow as they can survive if left alone. However, there are some instances wherein trees would need a helping hand on the matter.   

So, to ensure that our trees stay healthy and strong here are some information you should know about tree care.   

  • Pruning improperly  

Pruning is not necessary for us to do, unless the tree is in a way becoming a hazard for us and others. However, even if you prune a tree it is still important that it should be done by an expert hand as improper tree pruning can have serious repercussions on its health.   

It can destabilize, encourage disease and worse make it fall over. There are signs you can look out for if you think your tree is pruned improperly.  

  • Tree is heavy either on top or the bottom.  
  • Tree is dangerously leaning more than usual. 
  • Tree size is not appropriate for the space you have.  
  • The  cuts of the prune is not clean and is jagged.  
  • Mulch Mistakes  

Mulch helps to support trees from drowning of too much water. It also increases your curb appeal. This importance is much more pronounced with your trees however, too much or too little of a mulch doesn’t really help your tree. To know if you are doing right with your trees here are some things you should keep an eye out for.  

  • The mulch is piled so high on the tree trunk that it looks like a volcano.  

– too much mulch can rot the trunk, encourage tree disease to spread and worse have some pretty bad pest infestations on trees.   

  • The mulch is covering the root collar of the tree, this is the part where the tree trunk spreads in to the connected root system. 
  • Fertilizer Bomb  

Fertilizer is good to aid the tree to grow healthy. However, too much of it for the tree can cause some serious damage that you don’t really want to happen. If the tree is living in a pretty good area, the soil and the weather is working great for it, then fertilizer is not needed.  

Too much of a good thing can make it bad for the tree. So, if you noticed yellowing leave or foliage or dead branches and salts on the soil surface that means there is too much fertilizer on the tree. 

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